We use tried and tested methods to improve children's confidence in their creative writing AND cartooning skills, at the same time improving self esteem in all areas of their lives.


Creative Writing For Children

Instant help for parents to help their children aged 5 - 12 years old to overcome 
their fear and dislike of writing.  
Help grow self confidence, self esteem, self belief and resilience in all children. 
Delivered as a PDF for instant delivery.
"It's fun, interactive - 
this re-imagines creative writing!"

"We have presented hundreds of Imagination Creation shows to tens of thousands of children, teens, parents and teachers around the world over the past 12 years. We have worked with children directly for 17 years. All our material is based on experience, and fully supported  by research. The results we achieve are described as outstanding and ongoing. There's nothing else we would rather be doing."    Rob and Paula

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"Hi Rob, so thought id let you in on how my son is doing. So far we have only done 3 of your activities but i have to say, from the first one he has been all in! Its amazing to see his face light up when i tell him were going to do the activities from the program you sent me. And tonight I had an idea, that instead of reading a book before bed, we will all have a night where we get to tell a story of our own making. He was SOOO EXCITED and wanted to be first. I set a timer for 5 mins and he didn't take a pause to stop and think 'what next' he just kept going!! Thank you SOOO much for reaching out to me with your program honestly he has changed his views on himself so much, not realising that he actually can use his imagination and he's really good at it!!   Alex - June 13 2019.

"3 pages!! I'm in shock!! So proud of him and he's so proud in himself he said he wants to be an author when he grows up - haha I said, you already are!" Alex 

FREE:  (More Than) Three Things You Can Do Immediately To Stimulate Your 

Child's Imagination

What We're Going To Do ...


Seven Irresistible Writing Challenges 


An unlimited supply of ideas, wondrous story locations and characters - even when they don't feel like doing it.

Creative writing, like everything we do, requires a few tricks along the way to stimulate our creative juices.

If your child is believes he or she is not good at writing, you are definitely in the right place. If they are lacking confidence, self esteem, have low resilience and have issues with how 'clever' or imaginative they are, you couldn't be in a better place.

One word that, when added to "I can't",  positively flips children's minds into the realm of what's possible, and takes away the impossible. Just this one word will start making a difference immediately.

Also included in this goldmine of tricks, techniques and transformational ideas are 12 tips to help your child's imagination immediately, plus 50 quick fire, three minute writing challenges.

A challenge each day lasting no more than ten minutes. Fun, creative, quick and with instant success to springboard from.

These are one off, no editing, no marking, no judgement, no getting it wrong, mistakes welcome, fun writing challenges. They are quick and provide the writing 'wins' many children badly need to build their confidence back up. We include a cartoon monkey challenge that only requires you to be able to write

We explain and demonstrate how this confidence was so easily lost to begin with, how to build it back up and ensure it doesn't falter again. 

What Schools Say About Our 

Imagination Creation Shows. 

Our Ebook is based on everything that works with outstanding success during these shows.

" ... should be rolled out to all educators to not only inspire the 'artist' but also inspire the power of creativity, empowerment and having a go! Perfect for Art, English and Personal Development." 
Ms. Ho, Maroubra Junction Public School 

"Out of 10 - Off the scale! The best performance/learning experience I have seen in 10 years of education. Every child was engaged and hanging off every word and laughing at every action. They produced amazing artworks (the students and Dave) and were all excited about their stories."

Belynda Seale, Deputy Principal, Falls Road Primary, Perth

10 out of 10! - The kids were absolutely enthralled - all levels from pre primary to year 7 were buzzing with creativity and excitement, bursting with new found self confidence. And thank you so much for the FABULOUS drawings, we will laminate them and put them in our library for all to share. ps Thank you particularly John for the orangutan!" 

Jenny Webb, St Anthony's Catholic School Greenmount

"10 out of 10 - Our students were totally engaged and highly motivated. They were all inspired to take the challenges Dan and John set, to risk writing and illustrating without fear of getting it wrong. They have already asked me to book Dan and John again!" 

Ann Lahoud, Tregear Public School, Tregear, NSW

“Rob's professional skills made this a key learning experience and his gift for allowing the students to navigate where the workshop goes and seeing the funny side of things, makes for a highly educational and eye opening experience, with students' producing work of an unprecedented standard.” 
Max Kosovich, Yakamia Primary School
 “You encouraged children who are very reluctant speakers and writers to step outside their comfort zone and entertain themselves and an audience Each child had a sparkle in their eyes that we rarely see. They were engaged, enthused and most importantly eager. To witness children who are not risk takers, grapple for your attention so they could be part of your magic world is a wonderful experience.”

 Mandy Stacey Coolgardie Primary School

"I invited Danny to our school, where he gave us an amazing, inspiring, motivational presentation to the school, involving humour, art, creative writing ... water!! Any and all teachers reading this, I recommend you get Danny booked for your school!"  

 Biff Frederickson, Ealy Learning Association International School, Basel, Switzerland

MacGregor Primary School, Canberra: "EXCELLENT! Very positive. The presentation was engaging and inspiring for all the students. This show gives us the opportunity and option to continue working with the students on being positive." Recommended: highly, 9/10


Villawood North Primary School, Sydney NSW: "They absolutely LOVED it! Thought it was awesome. I could have listened all day long. A job well done!!"  Recommended: highly, 10/10

"FANTASTIC! Kids were bubbling with enthusiasm afterwards." Recommended: highly, 10/10

"All students in school were thoroughly engaged and LOVED the presentation!" Recommended, highly, 9/10

"They truly loved it. This is a great show that inspires and encourages students to have a go and try." Recommended, highly, 10/10.


Irrawang High School, Sydney: "All students were very engaged in the performance. Dan was excellent, as was Shannon (students loved her drawing ability). Really enjoyed the drawing and writing opportunities." Recommended, highly, 10/10


Coal Point Primary School, Coal Point, NSW: Absolutely loved it all! Increased their confidence when completing challenging tasks. Students responded well to the techniques used to counter the little voice in their heads that tell them they cant do something." Recommended, highly, 10/10

"Totally enthralled and engaged throughout! Particularly lively and age appropriate." Recommended, highly, 10/10.

"The students were very impressed and engaged at all times, and amazed at their own abilities. Thank you!" Recommended, highly, 10/10

"Loved it!! Competely engaged with performance from start to finish." Recommended highly, 9/10


Our Lady of Lourdes, Dardanup, WA: "They really enjoyed this and were very motivated once we returned to class as well. Well done, this was a fantastic incursion!" Recommended highly, 10/10

"Fantastic! The students loved every minutes of it! Absolutely brilliant!" Recommended highly, 10+/10

"Absolutely enthralled with Danny. Loved 'the secret.' I loved the whole positive message that you portrayed throughout." Recommended highly, 10/10

"Fantastic incursion, great messages!" Recommended highly, 10/10

© Rob and Paula Daniel - July 2019

FREE:  (More Than) Three Things You Can Do Immediately To Stimulate Your Child's Imagination